Installing a Samsung printer

Updated: 8/3/07

This is a guide that should hopefully ease you through the stress of getting a Samsung printer working in Linux.
I made this guide with Ubuntu 6.10 and a Samsung SCX-4100 but most versions, distributions and models should be fairly similar.
I will also be updating the guide in the future hopefully if I manage to work out scanning as well.

Getting the driver:
To start off with you need to head to and get the latest version of the driver. Look for the linux driver that ends in .tar.gz (at the time of writing 20070129124018750_UnifiedLinuxDriver.tar.gz was the file to look for). Save this file to your desktop and once it has finished extract it by right clicking on the file and selecting “extract here”.

Installing the driver via supplied instructions:
From here we install the drivers which should be as simple as moving to the correct directory and running the script:

cd Desktop/cdroot/Linux
sudo ./

If everything runs fine and dandy and the printer installs and you can use a test page, then wow your a lucky one. If your like the rest of us then it will not be so pain free. However with the release of the new unified Linux printer drivers for linux, it is only a quick task to get things going.

Editing the needed files:
The first thing we have to do it edit the install script, however it is currently read only file. This can be done by moving opening up the directory via the GUI: ‘Right click on > properties > permissions’ then change owner access to ‘read and write’.
Now we have the permissions to edit the file. Which we can do by opening the file with gedit:

sudo gedit
we then change the top line from
#! /bin/sh
#! /bin/bash

apparently this is just something that is different between some versions of Linux.
Installing drivers:
We now try to install the drivers again

cd Desktop/cdroot/Linux
sudo ./

It should now work and an installation screen should pop up. Move through the install and another window will pop up trying to get you to install the printer. Do this, but chances are there will be no driver for the printer. This just seems to be a minor problem, we will fix that up now. “Cancel” out of the add window and click “finish” on the original installation window.

Adding your printer:

Go into ’system > administration > printing’ and then click on “New printer”. It might show a few printers connected, select the one that is like ‘Samsung SCX-4100 series’. Click ‘Install Driver’ and get the right driver from ‘Desktop/cdroot/Linux/noarch/at_opt/share/ppd’. Now the printer will not show up properly yet. If you head to the desktop and open up the program the initial installer put there and click “Add a printer” and follow the prompts, the printer should appear in the linux printers box.

Confirming your printer is properly installed:

Right click on your printers new flashy icon and click “Properties”, choose “Print test page” and it should now reward you with a hot freshly printed test page.


54 Responses to “Installing a Samsung printer”

  1. piya Says:

    Wow! It worked. Thanks. I just migrated from fedora 5 and it worked on there with no changes. I’ve also heard it worked on the earlier ubuntu. I was about to get a new printer until I found your Samsung Printer blog. Thanks!

  2. mattgordon Says:

    Glad I could help, hopefully Ill work out the scanning side of things soon.

    • Francine Says:

      Can you help me i have a 05 mdg and i recently had it refurbished , to speed up the internet or something like that any way i bought a 2012 samsung CLP-320 and it worked on my computer, after i got the computer back the cd rom wouldn’t open , ? it works with regular cds but the rom for the printer installation wont open, can i do it online somehow ?
      Please help me i don’t want to have to sell my perfectly good working computer just because i can get a printer to work

  3. johnleoz Says:

    I just installed using

    the shell installed
    libstdc++ v3 (gcc 2.96)

    Everything went smoothly including test page.
    But then ubuntu’s cups install function hung the system until I rebooted. Now both cups and Samsung’s Unified Driver Configurator seem to co-exist.

    A close look at the ubuntu test page confirms that black is assembled from color pixels in images. But fonts appear to be true black toner. Also the red, green, and blue bars have black pixels in to darken those colors.

  4. mattgordon Says:

    What printer are you using for this. The SCX4100 is a black and white only. Did you use my guide or are you saying that it installed straight from the installer?

  5. thorn Says:

    Thanks, if every issue could be as easyly resloved as this…

    Using CLP-500N which didn’t show up during the installation process. Cancelled the printer installation and installed the printer via the SystemSettings->Printers instead (kubuntu). All printers that were installed via the Samsung script showed up here.

  6. peetu Says:

    Thanks! This saved few hours of my time 🙂

  7. bill Says:

    Just thought I’d mention that the reason that this is happening is because /bin/sh on the latest ubuntu is a simlink to dash instead of bash. dash has less features than bash and this install script clearly relies on the full features of bash.

    My (perhaps incomplete) understanding is that you should only start a sctipt with #!/bin/sh if your script will only use the minimum features of a posix compatible shell. While bash is a posix shell, it offers many more features and if you’re going to rely on them, you should really use #!/bin/bash

  8. krolyk Says:

    thnks a lot!! Finaly it worked. I lost a few weeks to find how to install this MFP.

  9. Alan Says:

    Thanks…………it worked!!
    I have been driven nuts trying to get it to work.
    Things are looking up.
    Now all I have to do is to get the sound going!

  10. Thomas Schmidt-Behounek Says:

    Thanks Matt,
    I’m migrating from suse 9.2 to Kubuntu/Ubuntu Edgy and have had trouble with this printer again.

    A remark concerning the necessary editing of the :
    In Ubuntu 6.10 /bin/sh is linked to /bin/dash instead of /bin/bash.
    So all scripts beginning with #!/bin/sh are executed by Dash. Dash and Bash shell are both sh-compatible, but bash contains additional commands.
    In theory sh-scripts beginning with #!/bin/sh shall only use sh-functions, but when the script programmer assumes #!/bin/sh is equal Bash-shell (this is correct for most Linux distributions) unpredictable, very interresting errors may occur.
    No brilliant achievement by Samsung.

  11. luke Says:

    It didn’t work for me, as I never got a gui for the installation. The text install seemed to work, but no scx4100 showed up on the printer driver page, and when I tried the install button it to search for it manually there was no cdroot/Linux/noarch/share/ folder.

    If its useful, here is the output of the text install

    sudo ./ not found, intstall … done
    ./i386/share/guiinstall.bin: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    **** It seems Qt library is not installed, or X display is not accessible.
    **** Custom Qt library will be configured for use with this package.
    guiinstall.bin: cannot connect to X server
    GUI mode installer execution failed, proceeding in text mode
    **** Running text mode install
    **** Press any key to continue or q to quit: ^[[A
    INFO: Installing common files …
    INFO: Installing MFP port and SANE backend libraries …
    INFO: Checking USB … OK
    cat: /etc/modprobe.conf: No such file or directory
    INFO: Installing GUI lpr …
    INFO: Fixing file ownership and permissions …
    INFO: Registering SANE backend …
    INFO: Registering CUPS printer …
    * Restarting Common Unix Printing System: cupsd [ ok ]
    INFO: CUPS restart OK
    lpadmin: Unable to copy PPD file!
    INFO: Finishing installation …
    **** Text mode install finished

  12. luke Says:

    Bah, stupid me probably should have looked longer for the file before posting. Anyway, i found the driver, and got a test page to print out. Thanks matt.

  13. TUBUNTU Says:

    This perfectly working

    Thankyou so much

  14. charlie pan Says:


  15. Richard Says:

    Great I can now print in linux Ubuntu for the first time ever.


  16. Richard Says:

    Hi Matt – I tried the Scanning and it worked however after rebooting the system it shows an error.
    ERROR while loading device settings:
    /home/.sane/xsane/samsung:SCX-4100SeriesUSB:0.drc is not a device-rc-file!!!

    Do you have any idea what that might mean

  17. Matt Gordon Says:

    not sure on that one, somethings go weird there however the ubuntu forums should be able to sort you out.

  18. Pietro Says:

    I’ve installed Samsung’s drivers and I’m tryng to configure my SCX-4216 connected to a print server…but I cant’ t find the correct driver in the list! There’s no mention about any kind of SCX printer…and I’ve download the lastest drivers from Samsung web page.
    How can i do? Where’s the mistake?

  19. speedygeo Says:

    This driver work well with my Xerox WorkCentre PE114e too. (recomanded by

    Only cut the top and the bottom of the page.

    Can someone help me?

  20. Patrick Says:

    Thank you very much. This document really helps me to get my Samsung CLP-300 working.
    I really want to get rid off microsoft software and getting my printer working under ubuntu 7.04 is absolutely necessary as I am a teacher.
    Did not work for me:
    a) original linux-driver on CD
    b) unified linux-driver (as above, with several trials from seveeral forums)
    c) foo2qpdl – driver as explained at
    Finally I got here and it works now fine !
    You made a human happy today !

  21. apmyp Says:

    sudo ./
    ./ 1232: source: not found
    ERROR: HARDWARE_PLATFORM undefined, execution aborted

    uname -a returns: “Linux 2.6.20-15-generic #2 SMP Sun Apr 15 07:36:31 UTC 2007 i686 GNU/Linux”, but uname -i returns: unknown

  22. Matt Gordon Says:

    I used to get that when I didnt change the bash/dash thing over.

  23. Mario Says:

    It worked for me, thanks for the howto – it was really useful.

  24. cowsbythefence Says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  25. Golfish Says:

    I did everything you said on this page.
    It did not work for me.
    I have the 4216 series, and I am a newbie to Fedora, and Linux system.
    My scanner works, but the printer does not.
    Help! What do I do?

  26. love_hate_linux Says:

    It worked just as you said in Kubuntu Feisty but required downloading a different printer configuration tool as the one accessed through the K menu would not accept the ppd file. After downloading ‘system-config-printer’, the Fedora printer configuration gui, it worked, and I then printed AND scanned a document using the Samsung software. I have a SCX-4100.

  27. Oleg Says:

    Speedygeo, thank you. I have Xerox WorkCentre PE114e too.

  28. speedygeo Says:

    This driver works well on KUbuntu and MEPIS.
    I have a big problem
    Only kooka crash at the startup.
    Can anyone help me?

  29. yn Says:

    Thank you !!

  30. tobias Says:

    thanks a lot, greetings from switzerland…

  31. music Says:

    What do you mean ?

  32. Balakrishnan Says:

    My Samsung SCX-4100 located on another computer in the LAN works fine. Thanks to you Matt.


  33. Paulo Says:

    thank you mate. Worked well, thanks!

  34. rock Says:

    good! thanks

  35. acidman Says:

    Thank you!!!!

  36. mp3 Says:


  37. Ching Hwang Says:

    It works. I just did it with driver from samsung web site.
    Life isn’t easier without your posting.
    Thanks a lot.

  38. Erwin Says:

    Thanks a million! Your script works (with only minor differences) for the following setup:
    Samsung CLX-3175FN multifunctional
    Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex (8.10) with the Ubuntu Netbook Remix installed on an Acer Aspire One ZG5.

    Earlier, I installed the same printer on a Toshiba laptop with Ubuntu 8.10 without issues (and without your script). For some reason, the Samsung software (installer, configurator) caused issues on the Acer. I suspect some file-level authorizations but could not pinpoint the problem.

  39. nionoom Says:

    thanks. just works

  40. Samsung Printers Says:

    Thanks for the info. Was useful


    Outstanding Article , I thought it was grand

    I look ahead to more similar postings like this one. Do you have a RSS I can subscribe to for fresh posts?

  42. ArnoraCom Says:


    There is a repository for all needed files to use Samsung printers with Linux.

    The Samung Unified Linux Driver Repository

    Works perfectly with Ubuntu and for example Samsung CLX-3175W connected over ethernet.


  43. Zzzzz Says:

    I have to admit, I was a little weary of buying a Samsung, but once it arrived, my fears were gone. It’s light, has a great screen with great color. It’s fast on boot up and it is well built. I love the fact that it has 3 gbs of ram as Vista is a resource hog. The computer runs flawlessly and the wifi connects in a jiff. The only problem I have is that Vista has problems coming out of sleep mode on occasion, but that’s a Vista issue and not a Samsung issue. It has a great battery life and is extremely thin. 3 USB ports, HDMI, what more could you ask for? I would definitely buy this again.

  44. vince Says:

    I had the 97% syndrome with the Unified Driver, then found the foo2qpdl driver. Printer CLP-315WK installed fine and printing is fine, though no colour.
    Had been rather frustrating. Now inspiration to go further. Unfamiliar with CUPS, thought I might need Samba too.
    Many thanks!!

  45. truestoryauthorship Says:

    This is a wonderful wonderful post!

    I spent AGES rummaging around in the Ubuntu forums and they assumed a little more knowledge than I had.

    I did learn a lot by looking up the various terms and how to do certain things but after many hours.. my patience had eroded – After two prior printers where the printer heads screwed up and the price of ink cartridges made the printer redundant.. FINALLY! I have a working printer – IN UBUNTU!!!

    And I did it all myself! – with a little help from the Ubuntu Community and your good self.
    Such a relief.. Doing a little dance now.

  46. dick Says:

    This worked for me using Ubuntu; however there is a typo in the first command after unload which should read:

    cd Desktop/cdroot/Linux
    sudo ./

    NOT: sudo ./

    This typo appears to be corrected.

    A suggestion: post this where those who install the driver can see it. We are not all Linux savvy. (You could even tell people to open up the command terminal.)

  47. herpes cures Says:

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