My name is Matt and im a 19 year old born and bred Australian. I first opened my eyes in the Nambour hospital at the Sunshine Coast. I lived there until my dad returned from sea one day and my sister did not recognise him. I was half way through preschool when this happened and I was quite quickly moved closer to where he was working. This township, that of Boyne Island and Tannum Sands has been my home ever since.

Recently I have moved to Brisbane to study engineering and business at QUT. I am living at Raymont Lodge, home of semi dodgy food and weird and frustraighting rules.


3 Responses to “Me!”

  1. Dennis Wade Says:


    Thanks for your site, it has made the installation of my Samsung CLP-300 go very well. The GUI opened and the software loaded without any problem using ./ rather than ./ However, the test page only prints about 1/4 of the page and then a blank sheet. Any thoughts please?

  2. Rune Thomsen Says:

    Hi Matt.

    Thankyou for the wery exact description of the Samsung Printer Driver install. I got the driver installed by a default Linux-driver – but with Samsungs own, I’m now able to configure the printer with a bunch of stuff. Nice!

    A comment on the howto with nVidia: You mention to backup your something/something file before dealing with some other stuff…
    I have only been playing with Ubuntu v7.04 for a week now, and i have re-installed several times. Because when something happen, i often can “undo” it. So I’m wery interested in a “howto-backup-guide”. Both full system-backups (raw backup of your harddrive) and smaller backups like the configurationfile in e.g. Firefox.


  3. Peter Battin Says:

    Dear Matt,
    your help in getting my Samsung scx4100 working was a godsend. After months of on-off trying everything I could think of your post gave me hope. By this time Ubuntu 8.04 was out and I thought that might have the answer. However, when the install was attempted it locked up the whole OS and then refused to re-boot. After three attempts I gave up and reverted to Ubuntu 7.10. Success at last, what a relief. Like one of your other admirers, CUPS appeared to hang for me, but after a re-boot it all worked. Many thanks for your hard work and, dare I say, genius in figuring it out.
    Regards, Peter.

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